Increased file storage on all plans

Update 06/09/2015: Plans no longer have limits.

I know we said we wouldn't change your plans on you after you subscribed... but we did.  We have substantially increased the file storage amount on all plans.  Pricing hasn't changed of course.

I should mention that this wasn't because people were running out of space, noone has even used 1% of their allocated storage (far from it). This change is just so you really don't have to worry about it.

The changes were:

Solo: 1GB -> 5GB

Team: 10GB -> 20GB

Medium: 20GB -> 35GB

Group: 35GB -> 60GB

Large: 90GB -> 150GB

University: 150GB -> 250GB

The updated storage limits can also be seen on our website:



For existing users, you will find your account has already been updated. You can see this on the subscription page in the settings area.

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