Lots of improvements to invoices

We have just released a big update for Cliniko. This update contains a lot of requested changes for invoices.


"Invoice to" is now separate to patient and editable

The "invoice to" part of the invoice is now editable (it used to show the patient name and address and not be editable). This is great if you need to send the invoice to someone other than the patient (eg. insurance company). We still have some more changes to come to make this even easier, but you have a lot of flexibility now.


Patient extra invoice information

You can now add extra information about the patient to the invoice (eg. a claim number). This can be done on each individual invoice, you can also add this to the patient record so that it appears on all of their invoices by default.


Invoice title is configurable

Previously all invoices had the title "Tax Invoice", you can now change this to whatever you want. I know some of our users internationally will use just "Invoice". You can change this on the invoice settings page in the settings area.



Provider # is optional

Provider # will no longer show on the invoice if you don't have a provider number for the practitioner. Previously it would show the heading but no number.

Heading sizes altered

Some of the headings on the invoice have had their size slightly altered so that it looks a bit nicer.

Renamed "Email" invoice button

The button to email invoices to patients has been renamed from "Email" to "Email to patient". This is to ensure the function is clear, particularly now that you can specify the "Invoice To" information on the invoice. 

Note: This button only appears for invoices where the patient has an email address.


Practitioner designation

You can now enter a practitioner designation. You might put "Chiropractor", or perhaps you have an association you need to list along side your name. This will appear under the practitioners name on the invoice.  Practitioner designation may not be the best name for this, if you have any better idea, please do let me know in the comments below.

You can set this for each practitioner by going to the Users and Practitioners page in settings and editing the practitioner.


Edit invoice close date

Cliniko tracks the date an invoice was closed, now you can edit this date if needed. Any time you edit an invoice that is closed, you will have the option to change this date.


Other stuff

We also fixed an issue that was causing the payment page to display incorrectly if you only had a couple of payment types set up.

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    Path to Health

    These are very helpful improvements. Thank you for taking our comments on board!

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    Radd Peters

    Hey Joel,

    The Invoices are having a lot of trouble! The last one I just made spread itself over 4 pages. I tried to take a copy and show you what happened but you might be able to look in from your end and see.

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Radd,

    I will email you to get this sorted out.


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    Tyraus Farrelly

    Hi Joel,

    Some great additions much appretiated.

    With the new "invoice to" box, is it possible to have a similar field in the patients details linked to the invoice, this way it would auto-fill the information rather than filling in this section of the invoice each time.  I guess this would be mostly insurance company details!

    Other inclusion that would be really great is a 2nd email button something like "email other", again this could be an insurance company email, letting us email invoices directly from cliniko to the 3rd party.

    Cheers, Tyraus

  • Avatar
    Nimrod Weiner

    Hi Joel, 

    Thanks for these changes. They are coming thick and fast - very useful.

    A suggestion for Practitioner designation is Practitioner Type

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender


  • Avatar
    Emily Petherbridge

    Would it be possible to have the option of  choosing whether to add the patient section or the invoice to section when they are the same. For third party payments, the change is great. However when they are the same, and printing on A5, the doubling up of information takes up valuable space making my invoices spread over 2 pages which defeats the purpose of A5. (I have made the header and the logo as small as possible and cannot get it to fit on one page.)

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Emily, are you able to send me an example of an invoice where this occurs?  Please send it to joel@cliniko.com


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    When I generate an account statement for a patient, one of the fields shown in the report is the "Invoice to" field.  Is there a particular reason that this is populated with the patient's name and address?  I would have expected it to use the "Invoice to" information for the patient details (which is actually what we need). 

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Stephen, we are changing this over the next couple of weeks to fix this behaviour.

  • Avatar
    Matthew Bourne

    ..So is there anyway to email the invoice directly to the Insurance company for example?

  • Avatar
    Angela Ayres

    Would be good if when you produce an invoice, if you find that you don't have their email address instead of having no option to email you could still click on email to client and it would then ask you to add their email address to proceed with emailing the invoice  and obviously also update their patient file.

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    I would hit "Like" on that comment if the button existed.

  • Avatar
    Daniela Osiander

    Is there a chance to change the column width in the invoice template? Our product codes are too long for the space so that every item takes up two rows...

  • Avatar
    Daniela Osiander

    And an option to decrease font size all over would be fab as well. the font is pretty big, again often causing invoice to roll over two pages which I would really like to avoid?

  • Avatar
    Joan Marsden

    i agree with Daniela about font size....

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