A few minor changes that you asked for

We have just released an update for Cliniko with some minor changes.

You can now delete more things

Previously various items could not be deleted to preserve historical data. We have made a change so that these can be deleted without affecting historical data. These newly deletable items are:

- Treatment note templates

- Payment Sources

- Billable Items

Set the height of your logo on your invoices

You can now set the height of your logo on your invoices (previously it was resized for you). This can be found in the settings area under invoice settings. If you are using A5 size paper for your invoices, you may find your logo is a little bigger now, setting it to 40 pixels will get it back to the size it was.

Calendar improvements for multiple appointments at the same time

Previously you could create multiple appointments for one practitioner at the same time, but it was a little tricky to do. This is because once an appointment is created, you no longer click in that time slot (the appointment fills it up). There is now an option in the general settings area that you can tick that will have your appointments only fill up 90% of the width in each column. This will give you space to click next to an appointment to add another one.

That was very wordy and a little hard to understand, here are some pictures.




Patients with apostrophes issue

We also fixed an issue that was causing appointments created for patients with apostrophe's in their names to not appear on the calendar until it was refreshed.

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  • Avatar
    Idael Perez

    Major changes are happening at and within CLINIKO. We all have asked, Joel have answered, thanks so much Joel.

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    You're very welcome!

  • Avatar
    Richard Baggott la Velle

    Great work Joel.

  • Avatar
    Greg Kendall - MyChiro (Malvern East)

    Many thanks for the multiple appointment tweak Joel. Very handy! It's these little tweaks and improvemnts that is shaping an already terrific product into something even better. Keep up the great work!

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