Mobile Apps: Add new patients, search and more

Some new updates for our mobile apps (phone and tablet) have just been released. Those of you that use our mobile apps will definitely appreciate the change.

Add a new patient while creating appointment

Just like you can do in the main Cliniko web application, you can now create new patients on the fly while creating appointments from our mobile apps. It looks like this:



Search for patient name and big speed improvement!

We have changed the way you choose an existing patient while adding an appointment. You will now be able to search for the patient by name (like in the web application). This will definitely help those of you with thousands of patients. It also has made the appointment form much faster, as we don't preload all of your patients anymore. It will look like this when adding an appointment:


This is how the search will appear:



Show all practitioners appointments together

For those of you sharing a room with another practitioner, it can be helpful to see everyones schedule together. You can now do this in our mobile apps too! Just select "All Practitioners" at the top of the appointment page. When viewing all practitioners, the practitioner name will be shown with each appointment.


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    Tyraus Farrelly

    This is a really useful update, makes the mobile version much more usable and practical.

    For those having trouble getting it to work properly on their mobile device, try switching off and re-starting.



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    Sally Goodwin

    This may seem like a very silly question, but how do I get the mobile version to work on my iphone? From the info I can find on the website, I can access Cliniko through my phone simply by using the browser. However, this just loads the desktop version of the site rather than the version shown in the screenshot above. While I can still use it in desktop format, I'd prefer the mobile version as it looks much easier to navigate.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Sally,

    If you go to the dashboard in Cliniko (on your desktop) you can see the web address to use to get the mobile version.  It will be (notice the mobile in there).  

    Please let me know if you still have trouble.


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