Attaching files to patient records is here

We have just deployed an update that many of you have been asking for! You can now upload and attach any file to your Cliniko patient records. When you go to a patient's page, there will now be a "File Attachments" page. It looks like this:


You might also notice that we added numbers to each of the pages within the patient page. These numbers will show you how many items are within that page. This saves you clicking on "File Attachments" just to know if there are any, in this case, you can see there are 2 at a glance.

Each Cliniko plan has an allotted amount of storage, you will be able to store attachments up to that amount. It ranges from 1GB (gigabyte) to 150 GB depending on the plan you are on. You can see your allowed storage amount and how much space you have used so far by visiting the "Cliniko Subscription" page in the settings area. It looks like this:


The amount of space allowed should be more than enough for your needs. If you do find yourself approaching the limit, please get in contact with us to discuss options.

We are excited to launch this major feature, we can now spend more time getting back to your requests!

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    Tyraus Farrelly

    This is a great update, how can I directly scan a document into a client file as it seams to only give an option to load existing files.



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    Joel Friedlaender

    Unfortunately web applications don't have access to local devices like your scanner. There are some workarounds available, but it's definitely not simple. This may be something we look to add in the future, but I don't expect we will be able to do so any time soon.

    I would recommend investigating options with your scanner that lets you "one touch" scan files to your computer, to make the process seamless. Most scanners have a button that can achieve this, and will simplify the process.

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    John Pye

    How can we import bulk data about each patient's treatment history, or better still, all of our patients' treatment histories to facilitate our potential migration to Cliniko?

    We are looking to move to Cliniko having been using another system for some years.

    I am trying to find out if there is any way, other than  one by one, of importing files which we have stored about each patient, which can go back many years and comprise of very large numbers of files/records of treatment episodes, consultant letters, referrals, discharge notes, scans, body diagrams of areas treated, etc., etc.. which would be an onerous, and error prone by accidental omission, task if done one-by-one.

    If so, how do we arrange the incoming files to allow this to happen as a bulk transaction, either by patient or as a steering file for a batch transaction for all patients?

    If it can be done, can dates be set , to define the date range bounds of the import, to allow a subsequent update to be done for all records created since the last bulk import?


    John Pye

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    Bart Lewis

    @John. While we do not have a bulk import for all patients you could arrange each patient into a folder and drag the folder up to the patient record. Cliniko will upload all the files at one time. This link has a good overview:

    Hope this helps!

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