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Minor updates to Payments and Invoices

We have just deployed a patch with a few minor updates to payment and invoices.

Payment field re-ordering

We have re-ordered "patient" and "payment date" on the new payment screen. When selecting a patient, the page will reload with information specific to that patient, it made more sense therefore to select the patient first.

Invoice and Payment patient links

When viewing an invoice or payment in Cliniko, the patient's name is now a clickable link. This lets you quickly navigate to the patient's page.

Deleting Payment rules

We have added a new rule that prevents you from deleting a payment that would cause the patient to go into "negative account credit". This will occur if you have a payment that resulted in account credit being purchased. If the account credit was then used up, you would no longer be able to delete the payment until the invoice/account credit usage was resolved first.


This is not the most exciting update we have deployed, but it tidies up a few loose ends that will improve Cliniko's usability.

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    Any chance that the payment screen could be changed so that the default 'live' field on entry is for entering the patient name (as it is on the 'patients', 'payments' and 'contacts' tabs) rather than the first payment type?  From a data entry point of view this would make it much quicker to enter payments as you don't have to take your fingers from the keys (I'm a type, tab & enter girl); especially as entering the patient information re-sets the whole screen.


    Hopefully a small change that would save me precious seconds.

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    Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

    I agree with Patricia - this trips me up all the time as I am used to just typing in the patient's name from elsewhere on Cliniko. And like Patricia said, I normally just tab through the whole payment screen so having to move my hand to the mouse and click up to the Patient Name field is a small irritation and time-waster that could be easily fixed! 

    Thanks for the suggestion Patricia and hopefully this can be implemented soon :)

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    Considering it's nearly a year since this was first suggested... is there ANY chance of this being implemented?  or even put on the list?  It would save me at the very least an hour a week in data entry with the number of payments I enter each week.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Patricia,

    Is this when creating the invoice from the invoices tab? As when you come from the appointment the patient name is already filled in.

    Also, what invoices do you create from there? We expected most to come from appointments.

    Thanks for any extra info you can provide, we'll try to get this improved soon.


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    Hi Joel,

    This is an issue i have when entering multiple payments (not invoices) from sources such as the online bank statements (for those who pay by bank transfer) as well as from insurance remittances.  It is quicker to go to the payments tab and use the 'new payment' button (currently 4-6 clicks depending on date options and then tabbing through the payment screen) than going to the patient tab, searching for the patient, selecting the invoice page on the patient's record, selecting an unpaid invoice and then clicking the 'enter payment' button (which is a minimum of 6 clicks to get to the patient screen then additional clicks if a date change is needed and then tabbing through the payment screen).

    being able to click on a new payment and have the cursor default to the patient name field would mean that i could navigate the entire payment screen from my keyboard rather than mixing between keyboard and mouse clicks.

    I often find that programmers don't always take into account the time it takes to move from keyboard use to mouse clicks which is something I am always aware of from a data entry point of view.  If you need someone to beta test changes from a data entry view point I would be happy to help.

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    Additionally it would be greate if, after selecting the patient name from the list of suggested names, the cursor could default to the first of the 'date' fields.  Currently it defaults - i think - to the header of the page so you would have to tab through all of the page tab links to get through to the entry fields.  

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    Michael Halliday

    Hi Patricia,

    We just pushed a small update that automatically opens the patient drop down.  You can read about it here:

    Hopefully this will save you some time! :)




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    Thank you!

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