New patient history report and some small fixes

We have just deployed an update to Cliniko containing a much requested feature.

Patient History Report

You can now generate a patient history report for printing. The report is generated as a PDF file. It will contain all of the patient's appointments and also their treatment notes. To generate this new report, go to the patient page for your selected patient, and click the new "Patient History" button at the top right of their screen.


The new report looks like this:


Issues Resolved

We also resolved a couple of minor issues with this release:

- Fixed in issue that was causing multiple items with tax to sometimes be off by 1 cent in price.

- Fixed an issue that prevented changing an unavailable block into an appointment with a new patient that had no date of birth recorded.

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    Back into Balance

    thanks for working on the 1 cent thing, I don't know if it works though -I've tried $35 (including 15% GST) and it rounds the cost price to $30.43 =$34.99, or $30.44 =$35.01

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Unfortunately we still haven't cracked that one yet (but not for lack of trying). This fix was for a slightly different problem, and occurred when you had a number higher than 1 in the quantity field of the invoice. It would occasionally round up 1 cent when multiplying the price for the quantity.

    As for the issue you just noted, we did attempt to resolve this in this patch, but were not successful. It hasn't been forgotten, and I hope to have it fixed soon.

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