Big improvements to patient payments and account credits

We have just deployed a pretty big update to the way invoices/payments and account credits work in Cliniko. The changes are:

Improved payment page

The payment page has undergone a complete overhaul, it still works like it did previously, but looks a lot better now.


Pay multiple invoices with one payment

If a patient has multiple outstanding invoices open, the payment page will now list all outstanding invoices and show you the total amount owing. This lets you easily collect payment for all outstanding invoices. As you receipt the payment, the payment will be automatically applied to outstanding invoices up to the value of the payment.

Patient account credit

If a patient pays more than the amount owed for an invoice, they will now go into account credit. Next time a charge is raised against the patient, the credit will be use by default, although it's easy to still take a payment if required (ie. HICAPS or health insurance payment) instead of using the account credit.

Account credit information will only appear on the payment page if relevant (ie. the patient has credit in their account).

Payments can be collected without an invoice

Previously an invoice was required to raise a payment against. Now payments can be raised against a patient account directly, again assisting in paying off multiple overdue invoices or adding credit to the patient's account.

Invoice items now show price including tax

Pages that show invoice items (the printable invoice and also the form used to generate invoices) will now show each individual invoice items total including tax (previously it was excluding tax). You will still get a tax summary at the bottom of the invoice. This will make it easier for patients to recognise how much each component costs.

The Euro

Support has been added to show the Euro symbol for users in countries that use the Euro as a currency.

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  • Avatar
    Greg Kendall - MyChiro (Malvern East)

    Works brilliantly...this is a terrific addition to the Cliniko feature set. Well done Joel!

  • Avatar
    Barbara Kayton

    Love how the invoices look.  Very professional!  

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