Invoices get logos, new paper sizes and special offers!

We have just deployed an update to Cliniko with a few features that have been heavily requested by you.

Invoice Improvements

Based on your feedback, we have made many improvements to the invoices you can print from Cliniko.


Put your own logo on the invoice

You can now put your own logo on the invoices. You will find this in a new "Invoice Settings" page in the settings area.


Email invoices to patients

There is a new "Email" button on the invoice page (only if the patient has an email address). When clicked, a PDF of the invoice will be sent straight to your patient.


New page sizes for invoices

In the new invoice settings area, you can choose a page size for printing your invoices. The options are A4, A5 or US Letter.


Invoice Top Margin

You can now set the top margin for your invoices. This is great if you are printing on letter head paper and want to make sure the invoice fits nicely with your stationary.


Special offers on invoices

We have now given you the option to include a special offer on your invoices. Just add the special offer on the settings page, and it will appear on all invoices.


Invoices now print from PDF

Invoices will now be created as a PDF file before printing, this means you can expect a more consistent print across different browsers. It also means the browser won't put any unwanted header and footer onto the invoice.

Please be aware, after pressing print in Cliniko, now the PDF will be just be generated. You will then be able to print it with Ctrl-P or Command-P (mac), you can also go to File > Print in the menu.

Billable Items

We also made a small change to billable items, now you can specify a tax inclusive price (instead of exclusive), this should help some of you put away those calculators.



We hope you like all of the updates, please keep the feedback coming in our feature request forum

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  • Avatar
    Kevin Finnan


    Both great features!

    Would it be possible to to the image to be larger than 60px such as 180px?  I intend to use the feature as a banner ad moreso than to put out logo. 

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    I will look into making the logo height configurable. I don't see any issue with that.

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    As an update for anyone looking at this topic, logo settings are now found in "Documents & Printing"

  • Avatar
    Daniela Osiander



    Any way to change font sizes as well? I need my account details printed on the invoice but not in the huge font is comes out in. Overall, once I add a couple of products, the invoice then often breaks over two pages which isn't pretty. Font sizes and ABN in bold look good in the Cliniko screen. But when PDF or printing, the font sizes and layout turn into something for the sight impaired...

    Any solution?



  • Avatar
    Daniela Osiander

    PS: The layout isn't helped by the fact that unfortunately we have a different provider number for practically every health fund... So font and layout adjustments would be great.

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    Re-designing the invoices is getting pretty high on our priority list, so we'll be dealing with the issues of paging, fonts, margins, etc. soon.  As for provider numbers per health fund - the best place to record that information is in Extra invoice Information on a per-patient basis.

    Go to the patient's details and add the health fund information to "Invoice To" and the claim number and your provider number in "Invoice Extra Info". Then you'll only have the provider number you need on your invoice.

  • Avatar
    Stephen Vermeulen

    Any update on how these invoice changes are coming along? 

  • Avatar
    Brigid Linden

    Any way to move our logo to the left or right rather than having it centred??  Looks silly cos it's so small compared to font etc and when I increase the size of the logo, it doesn't all fit on one page!

  • Avatar
    Bart Lewis

    @Brigid, Hi There. If you want to email your logo we can fix it up for you. Just email it to Send the biggest logo you have and if you want it left or right justified. Thanks!

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