Data import issue with DOB resolved

We have just deployed an update that fixes an issue with birthdate's when importing patient details. Previously if your date of birth only had a 2 digit year (ie. 05) and was also later than 2000 (ie. 2005) then Cliniko would report the date as invalid. We now apply the following rules to birth dates when importing:

- Cliniko will always assume the date is in the past (which is quite likely with birth dates), so if you put "12" as the year, we will assume 1912 rather than 2012.

- We assume that 2 digit years are within the last 100 years. So if you put "10" we assume 2010 rather than 1910.

- We expect your dates to be formatted as per your country's standards (ie. Australian dates should be dd/mm and American users should have dates like mm/dd).

If these rules seem complicated, just give us a 4 digit date like "1970" instead of just "70", that way we don't have to make assumptions.

We also made a minor change to treatment note dates, they will now show the date instead of "12 days ago". You will still be able to see how long ago by hovering over the date.

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