Email Appointment Reminders & Calendar Speed

We are excited to announce that we have just added Email Appointment Reminders to Cliniko. We have also made a minor change to the Calendar to increase performance. Details below.

Email Appointment Reminders

You now have the option to remind patients by Email or SMS (or both). There is a new appointment reminders page in the settings area. The new options are:

Default Reminder Type

This allows you to set SMS, Email, Both or None as the default appointment reminder for patients. As was the case already, you can still change this for individual patients.

Email Enabled

This turns on email notifications, without this on, no appointment reminder emails will be sent.

Email From

This is the address your emails are sent from

Email Subject & Email Text

This is the contents of your email. Placeholders can be used, details can be found in Cliniko.


Calendar Speed

We have made a small change to the calendar, it will no longer show a patient's outstanding account balance on the hover. Showing this information for each patient was slowing down a page that we want to be very fast. Since this change, the appointments page should be up to 3 times as fast for busy calendars.

So that you are still aware of overdue amounts, we have added a message to the screen when you are creating an invoice, and also when viewing an invoice. This way you will still know about the outstanding account when you need to.


Please keep the feedback coming, we are working hard to make the changes you ask for.

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    We contacted Cliniko a while back to ask them to consider the possibility of sending out multiple email reminders e.g. one at the time of making the appointment, and a second the day before the appointment. We were informed that this was something that was being developed and would become available, is this the case please? This would be extremely useful just to make doubly sure that clients arrive on time for their appointment. Is there a way of setting this up at present?

    Kind regards.

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