Twitter Feed, Payment Summary Report, Extra Patient Pages and more

Cliniko has some new features! We have just updated Cliniko, the changes are:

Your Twitter Feed

You can now display the twitter feed for your business (if you have one) on the Cliniko dashboard. Just add your Twitter username in the settings page, and the feed will be shown. It looks like this (but with your timeline in there):

Twitter Feed

Payment Summary Report

We have added a new Payment Summary Report, this report is similar to the Daily Payments Report, but lets you report on payments over a period. The default is the past fortnight.

New Patient Pages

There are three new patient pages, these can be seen when viewing the details page for any of your patients. The new pages are Appointments, Invoices and Payments. This is an easy way to look up any of those for a specific patient.

Product Details

You can now add more information for the products you sell. You can add a supplier name, and also a cost price. These have been added to take advantage of some upcoming changes to the way you select products on the invoices page.

Some Issues Resolved

We also have resolved a few minor issues:

  • If you mistype your site address in the mobile or tablet app, you will now get a more informative message.
  • You can no longer mark "Patient Arrived" on practitioner unavailable blocks.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing you from making a phone number blank (you could remove it, but not make it blank). Now if you make a phone number blank it will be automatically removed for you.

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