Treatment note export & Patient general notes

We have just deployed an update to Cliniko. Key changes were:

  • You can now export all your treatment notes to a CSV file. We are committed to letting you get your data out if you want to back it up yourself, or if you decide to leave.
  • There is now a "Notes" field for each patient, this can be used to make general notes about the patient. These notes will be visible in the general patient details screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused appointments to move to earlier in the day if you dragged them while they are still bouncing from being created. I am not sure that made sense, just trust us that a bug was fixed.
  • Improved the add appointment screen in our mobile app so that you can see the date easier.
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    Kate Markland

    Able to sub divide patient notes in to 'cases' eg:





    Would be great if we could then download database according to these categories

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    Justin Smal

    Missing key details of the patient when exporting treatment notes, such as gender, missed appointments etc...for deep analysis especially if using treatment note template for psychometrics

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    Alex Rodwell

    I want to export all 'treatment notes' PDF's from a patients notes for a file transfer to another practitioner. 

    Can you please install one simple feature to do this per patient? 

    This would be much appreciated, and would save my chiropractic assistant an hour per person each time this needs to happen.

    With gratitude,

    Dr Alex

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    Joel Friedlaender

    On the patients page we have a patient history report.  That has details of all their appointments as well as all the treatment notes in one PDF.  That should do what you need hopefully.

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