Change to how we load calendar data

We've made a change to how we load the data for the calendar. You shouldn't notice these changes. This is an intermediate step in a larger effort to speed up and add new features to the calendar.

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    Hi, our calendar has become INCREDIBLY slow to load. It LITERALLY takes 120 - 150 seconds to load (I have timed this with clients - as we are sitting there WAITING for the week they want to book in for to load). I've tried on multiple internet connections at home, out and about, at clinic, at friends and family places. All have the same lack-of-speed issue in loading the calendar - so I doubt its an issue with connection speed at our end. I kind of assumed that this might be because Cliniko seems to have done a lot of marketing recently and has a lot more uptake and maybe needed to upgrade the servers / storage solution for the data...

    But This problem started approx 3 months ago. I've been meaning to send a message since saying, what is going on? And then I saw this announcement. Is this a coincidence? Or did the changes actually do something to slow the calendar load down?

    Either way, can we please be informed why the calendar is soo slow, and what can be done to fix it asap? I love the product but the waiting for minutes at a time while on the phone or with clients standing there is really affecting our business efficiency...

    Thanks heaps guys.

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    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Cecilia, thanks for emailing this through as well! We'll help you get sorted that way.

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