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If you are a Practitioner, then you always need to make sure that you have the right information and the right settings applicable for Cliniko to be the most efficient it can be for you. In this article, you'll find how to edit your Practitioner Information, and what each Setting on your Information page means!

Getting There

  1. Click on Your Name in the Black Sidebar.
  2. Click on My Info.

Your Information

The Practitioner Information box will be the grey box found on that page. In there, you'll find a whole bunch of settings! Here's what they mean, what they do, and why you need them!

  • Reference Numbers

The Reference Numbers will be for any information that needs to be pushed to Invoices for Health Claiming or anything of that nature. If you have multiple Provider Numbers for different Locations, then we can accommodate that too:


 Here's what that will look like on an Invoice:


  • Designation and Description

The Designation is where you would include your Professional Title, and any qualifications that you would normally show at the end of your title. This will show under your name on Invoices, and beside your name in Online Bookings.


The Description, on the other hand, is used strictly for Online Bookings. It can be used to provide some background information about who you are, what your history is, or any other information you may want to convey to your Patients: it's essentially a biography! Here's what it all looks like together on the Online Bookings page: 

  • Even more Settings!

This is the section where you can choose which Appointment Types you offer.

Your Default Appointment Type controls which Appointment is pre-loaded into the Appointment Pop Up whenever you make a booking for yourself. Adding your most used Type as the Default is great little time saver!


You can find out more about these Settings in their appropriate articles: Cancelled Appointment Notifications; Online Bookings; and External Calendar links!

  • Availabilities

Your Availabilities will effect when you are Available in the Admin Calendar and the Online Bookings calendar. Simply tick which days you work, and then select the times that you are available. If you need to add in a lunch break then set your main time to something like 9-17, hit add break, and set that break to 12-1230. Here's what that one will look like, correctly set up:


If you need to set up fortnightly availabilities, then we have our Fortnightly Availabilities article to guide you on that one!

Make sure that you Save the page after making any changes! You'll always find the "Save" button at the bottom of the page, in that bright pink colour!

If you notice that your Practitioner Information isn't saving, check out this guide for troubleshooting tips.

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