How To Create A Treatment Note

As Practitioners, one of your most valuable resources are your Notes. Here's how to get started with creating a Note in Cliniko.

  1. Head to the Appointments page
  2. Click on the Appointment you wish to write a Note for
  3. Click on Add Treatment Note

  4. This will take you to the Note screen, where you can start writing straight away!

Want to make your Note writing more efficient? Ask your Administrator to create Default Templates for Appointment Types so that the correct template pre-loads on that page for you!

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  • Avatar
    Angela Hair

    OK so I have read this, clicked on the links and I still don't know how to get to my active account and start using it. Feeling stupid.

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    Marc Sanders

    Could templates be created that allow annotation of images or adding images to the a treatment note as an option, other than text, paragraph, selection, or tickbox?

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