Make a Treatment Note Template Pre-Load

Making your Note-taking run as efficiently as possible is what we want to help out with! The following steps will help you pre-load the right Template for your Appointment Types each time.

Before starting this process, make sure that you have all your Appointment Types set up, and have created all the Templates that you need.

  1. Head to Settings

  2. Click on Appointment Types

  3. Click through on a Type: e.g. First Appointment

  4. Scroll down to the Default Treatment Note Template setting

  5. Click on the bar to select the Template 

  6. Scroll down and hit Update Appointment Type 


And that's it! The next time that you use the "Add Treatment Note" button from the Appointment Pop Up for this Appointment Type, the Default Treatment Note Template will pre-load for you.

If you need to add files to the Patient File that come from outside Cliniko, then we have you covered too! Check out how to attach File Attachments to the Patient File right here!

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