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In this article, you'll find the following information:

  • How to set up a Template
  • What options you can utilise in a Note, which includes:
    • Paragraph text
    • Single line text
    • Check Boxes
    • Multiple Choice
  • What your Template will look like at the time of:
    • Creating your Template
    • Applying your Template
    • Exporting your finalised Note

Treatment Note Templates can be created by Administrators, and can be a valuable time-saving tool in the Treatment Note creation process. Developing a Template that flows well and has enough information for you to work from is integral to using the Notes function effectively while seeing a Patient. The following will provide you with the details on how to set up a Template, and what it will look like at the time of creation!

Setting up a Template

Getting started on a new Template is easy enough. The important part is to approach it with the knowledge of how you want it to work, and to move forward from there!

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Treatment Note Templates

  3. Hit the Add Treatment Note Template button
  4. Click on Add Section to get started
  5. Name your Section, then click on Add Question and get typing!

Set up Options

You can set up Templates for any section of your Treatment, whether it be an Initial Consult or a recurring Appointment that you need to document each and every time. In this section, you can see exactly how to add sections, structure questions, and set up answers!

Paragraph text

Our free text options allow you to write whatever you in your fields. Free text works best when you need to evaluate a situation with many variables.

Here's an example of a free text field as it is set up in Treatment Note Templates, being used in a Note for a Patient, and what it looks like exported to .pdf: 

  • Creating Template

  • Creating Note

  • Exporting to pdf 

    HINT: You can set up default text in the Paragraph Text field, so that it pre-loads at the time of creation. 


Single line text

There is also an option for a single-line, free-text answer. These would be used when you need to type in possible variables, but don't need all the space that comes with the Paragraph Text option!

Here's a shot of both of them in action:

Check Box

You can use check boxes to provide for all the possible scenarios that you may encounter during testing and treatment. Knowing what all possible answers in a given situation could be is the most important part of this section.

Here's an example of a Chiropractic Note:

  • Creating Template

  • Creating Note

  • Exporting to pdf

    HINT: You can choose to show unselected answers in your finalised Note! Simply head to Settings->Documents & Printing to turn that function on.

Multiple Choice 

Multiple Choice is set up exactly the same as Check Box, however you are only ever allowed to choose one answer. Multiple Choice will be a good way to indicate Pain Levels, or indicators regarding the regularity of an incident.

Here's an example of how they look:

  • Creating Template

  • Creating Note

  • Exporting to pdf


They're all the options available to you with our Treatment Note Templates options. Click through to find out how to make the use of Notes as efficient as possible, and how to start creating Notes if you are a Practitioner

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