Integrating Cliniko's Online Bookings to your Facebook Page

Facebook Bookings is an application that brings your current online booking setup to your Facebook page. Now your patients can book an Online Appointment without ever leaving Facebook!

Once you've integrated your account, a "Bookings" option will appear in the menu on the side of your Facebook page.

What your patient sees after clicking on the Bookings button.


Setting Up the Integration

You will need to be an Administrator to set this up and Online Bookings must already be configured. To set up online bookings, simply head to our set up guide.

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Integrations

  3. Click Add to Facebook

  4. Log in to Facebook

  5. Click the Facebook page you want to add the bookings page to

  6. Click Add Page Tab

That's it! Your clientele will be able to book online with you without ever having to leave to Facebook! If you want more options for linking your Online Bookings portal to places outside of Cliniko, check out our Online Bookings help articles!

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