Adding an Administrative User

Adding Admin staff to Cliniko is easy to do, and also completely free! We only charge for Practitioners on the calendar, so you can add and remove Admin staff as you need to.

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Click through on Users & Practitioners in Our Clinic box
  3. Hit the Add User button

  4. Enter your User's details 
    The First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are mandatory fields in this section, and the page will not save changes without them!
  5. Select your Security Role for the User

    Information about what each Level means can be found right here, while you will want to make sure the 'User Account Active?' is set to "Yes", while 'Is this person a Practitioner?' is set to "No".
  6. Hit Create User

    That will trigger an email to the email address entered with a randomly generated password for the User to log in with.

While we would all love for your Users to stay with your clinic forever, sometimes there are changes to employment. In that case, you can make a User Inactive, which effectively deletes them from your account. You can find out how to do that right here.

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