Behind the scenes performance improvements for reminders

Over the last week, we've been making some changes to how we send reminders. In the last month or so, the number of reminders going out during peak hours had reached a point that it was starting to slow down the rest of Cliniko. We've now reworked how we send reminders to be much more efficient, so it won't have any effect on your regular Cliniko use.

The only thing you may notice that's different now is that your reminders will not go out around the same minute of the hour. They're all still scheduled in the same hour based on your settings, but they'll go out in different minutes of that hour. This was a necessary change to make sure we're more evenly distributing the work of sending reminders during busy hours.

While we were doing this work, you may have noticed that some of your reminders were going out a bit late. We're sorry for the hassle there and all of those bumps should be smoothed out now.

If you notice anything weird going on with your reminders, please let us know!

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