A better mobile datepicker and smoother paged list loading

When using a mobile device or a smaller screen the calendar date-picker now features the "Skip ahead" buttons that your are used to from the desktop layout of the calendar. So if you need to skip your mobile calendar ahead a couple weeks or months it's just a click away under the date-picker.


You might notice that the dropdown select for the calendar date range is no longer in the mobile date-picker. When making room for the skip ahead buttons, we didn't want the date-picker to be too overwhelming with options.

Don't worry, the "Number of days to display" option is still there, it's just been moved to the mobile calendar toolbar. Click the arrow in the top right of the header and you'll see it near the top of the pullout panel.

We've also updated the date-picker pop-up to be scrollable in case you are on a small mobile device in landscape mode where the date-picker doesn't all fit on the screen at once.

Smoother loading of paginated results

When you are viewing a large list of items in Cliniko we show the first few and put the rest in paginated links below the list. When you click one of these links to additional pages of results we load the results into your current page (so that it's fast).

Before it used to be a bit confusing if you were on a slower internet connection because we'd jump you to the top of the page but you might still see the last page of results until the new page was done loading. Now we smoothly scroll you up to the top of the list and show a loading animation until the next page is ready.

Along with this update is a small bug fix where Windows Chrome users were not able to load additional "previous" treatment note pages when creating a new (or editing an existing) treatment note. This is fixed and smoother than ever.

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