Easier to delete unavailable blocks and book appointments

Deleting Unavailable blocks

It's now easier than ever to delete an Unavailable block from your calendar view. Instead of looking for the small, subtle delete link under the pop-up window just click the easy to find Delete button right next to the Edit button.

Unavailable block delete button

Book new appointment

When viewing a specific patient the Next appointment is shown if they have one booked in the pullout panel on the right. If not we'd let you know and offer a link to book an appointment instead. This link didn't show for patient's that already had a next appointment booked. We've added a Book a new appointment button under the next appointment if there is one so that you can still easily book another new appointment.

Next appointment shows Book a new appointment button

Treatment note scrolling fix

Along with this is a bug fix for iPad's that caused the treatment notes form and other patient pages to scroll to the top of the page when it should not.

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