New patient sidebar, larger online bookings font and bug fixes

We've just released a new patient pullout panel for all patient sub-pages, a larger font-size for online bookings and fixed up a number of bugs.

Patient pullout panel

On most patient pages, the pullout sidebar will have the next appointment (or a link to create a new one) and a list of recent appointments. If you are writing a new treatment note or editing an existing one the sidebar will have two tabs (one for previous notes and one for appointments). This pullout panel can be opened from the top right corner of the page header on all pages.

When you are on a larger screen and visit the patient home page or the treatment notes listing page you will find the appointment side bar is docked onto the right side of the screen. We hope this improves your workflow when trying to book a new appointment for a patient after completing a treatment note.


Online bookings font-size

We've slightly increased the default text size from 14px to 16px in your online bookings portal. 16px is the default browser font-size and the best for making the text readable on all devices and accessible to everyone.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Mobile calendar view always shows all of the hours in your day. Previously it was possible for some of the hours to be hidden behind the mobile browser's interface.
  • When you scroll the mobile calendar we make the best use of the vertical space of your screen on all Android and iOS devices
  • The new appointment pop-up window no longer crops off parts of the form regardless of your mobile device or screen orientation.
  • Error message banners now show at the top of the window regardless of the scroll position of your window
  • The desktop calendar layout in Safari now has the correct height
  • On non-touch screen devices the calendar layout no longer has nested scrolling panels
  • Always show the practitioners and availability sections in the mobile calendar sidebar regardless of whether they are collapsed or expanded in your desktop view
  • Removed strange lines from appearing on Reports pie charts in Safari
  • Removed extra margin on the left side of pages being printed in older versions of Chrome
  • Treatment note templates can be saved correctly with the "Create / Update template" button at the top of the page
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