We've shut down the mobile version of Cliniko

Today we've shut down access to the mobile version of Cliniko, previously accessible at a URL like mysubdomain.mobile.cliniko.com. If you attempt to access the mobile version you'll be redirected to the standard Cliniko app, where you'll still able to use Cliniko from your mobile device.

With the recent release of the fully responsive version of Cliniko, you now have the full Cliniko experience on any device. We think that's way better than the limited experience of the previous mobile version!

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    Siu-Kwan Wong

    I'd like the mobile version, it gives numbers of client of the weeks on one page.

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    No. It isn't way better. It was far quicker and easier to check your schedule and book appointments with the app. Now I don't have the time it takes to navigate the site to book patients in between treatments when my next patient is already in the waiting room. I have to write them down and do it later. If I remember - just had to call my colleague at the clinic to ask him for my schedule and patients' numbers so I can add them to my Cliniko diary - a major annoyance. And why are the instructions still there for adding the app to your mobile - I spent 20 minutes trying to add the app again before I found your 'announcement'. I was very happy using Cliniko with the app, in addition to the full site. Now I'm not very happy using Cliniko at all.

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