Know when you are booking in the past and some fixes

Sometimes it makes sense to be able to make an appointment in the past (i.e. manually creating a patient's appointment history if you are new to Cliniko). You can still book a new appointment or edit an appointment to be in the past but now when you do this, the appointment form will show you a friendly message letting you know "The selected appointment time is in the past."

We hope this will prevent you and your staff from accidentally booking an appointment on the wrong day, since we do all forget what today is now and then! 😀

A few other fixes are going out with this. When creating a new contact if you don't fill in the "First" or "Last" name field we show an error message letting you know that those are the fields you missed.

And we've fixed an obscure bug where you could have an empty patient selected in the appointment form if you tried to add a patient but stopped, changed the appointment type, and then went back to the search for an existing patient.

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