(UPDATED) You may find some double spacing in your draft treatment notes

Hey everybody!

UPDATE: We were able to stop this from happening. You'll no longer get double spacing when editing a draft note or creating a new note from a template with default answers. If you saved a note with the double spacing, you'll still need to remove it manually.

We've recently been working on some changes to treatment notes to enable some new features. Today we've deployed some of those changes. As a result, you may notice when editing a draft treatment note, there is some double spacing. You can go ahead and delete those additional lines.

This is happening because we've switched to a new editor for treatment notes. All existing notes will stay the same as they were. This is only an issue when editing a draft that was written with the old editor.

If you use a treatment note template with default answers, you'll see these new lines when creating new notes from that template. To avoid that, you should update the template to remove the additional lines. The new editor is also being used on treatment note templates, so what you see there will be consistent with what appears in new notes.

We're sorry about causing a bit of mess, but it's in preparation for more customizable notes. We're not ready to flip the switch just yet, but once we do the new editor will allow you to format your treatment note answers. Here's a peek of what the editor will look like:


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