Invoice emails are now 14 times friendlier

Previously in Cliniko, when you'd send someone an invoice via email, it would look like this:


Now with this update, when you send one, it looks like this!


Hey... that looks the same you say! Well spotted, it's the same. So technically we haven't actually changed them, however we've now given you the ability to change them. That's even better right? If you head on over to Settings > Finances > Invoices, you'll find you can now change the templates for those emails. It looks like this:


There are separate templates for sending to patients/clients and 3rd parties. There's also separate templates for outstanding invoices or paid. Now you can have these emails be as friendly as you like.

You might still be wondering why these emails are exactly 14 times friendlier now. That's a great question.

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    Hi Joel

    this is a great update and we've needed this for a while. However you have added fields for Patient / Invoice / Business but not for Practitioner. We need our invoice emails to say "attached is your invoice from Dr X" for example. Could a whole set of Practitioner fields be added as an option? For example, related to the Practitioner that the invoice being attached has on it?

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    Clinton Beeken

    Hey Anish,

    Thanks for that comment! It helps me prove a point 😉

    We discussed adding in the Practitioner drop down prior to release, however we had some hesitations around how it would work when the Practitioner field was set to "none". We knew that the request for adding in this field would come through pretty quickly, but we felt that getting the customisation out there, then adding other placeholders would be the right course of action.

    So, I'd say expect it in the future, and we'll update when we re-iterate on this release!


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