More performance improvements for Referral Sources Report

While our last round of improvements for that report did some good, it didn't go far enough for some of our customers. While the charts themselves are now loaded after the initial report screen is displayed, Cliniko still has to take a brief look at the data before it displays that initial screen. For some of our customers with large amounts of referral data, that "brief" look took long enough that the report screen never displayed at all.

With this latest change, these initial operations became significantly faster, which makes both the initial page and the charts display more quickly. We also fixed a bug where referrals for patients without previous appointments didn't show up on the report at all - they will now appear on reports showing data for all practitioners and all businesses. We will continue to improve this report in the future, so this is not the end of its saga :).

If you were having trouble accessing the Referral Sources report before, please give it another try!

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