Not one, not two...but three changes. We're spoiling you!

First up, we have a change that is mainly targeted at solo practitioners. On the dashboard, if you are a practitioner you will see all SMS replies related to your appointments, if you are an administrator you will see all SMS replies. But, previously, if you were an administrator and a practitioner, you would not see all SMS replies. This has now been fixed and you can see all of those replies! 📱

The next change is targeted at bookkeepers 🤓, they have the ability to create and edit invoices but this was not working due to a bug, we have now fixed it and you can create all the invoices! 💸

Saving the best til last...we are releasing a new placeholder! We already had a Current Date placeholder, but this uses a short month format which was not appropriate for every scenario. We have now included another placeholder called Current Date Long which, shows the full month name. 📆  

I hope you like the changes! 🙇 🎉

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