A better calendar experience

We have an exciting change to talk about today. It's a change that will make using the calendar a lot smoother! 

Have you ever clicked off the calendar to view a patient page and then hit the "back" button on your browser, hoping that it would remember the week you were previously on...only to be disappointed when it didn't! Well then, we have good news for you!

Any changes to the calendar period (week) will now be remembered by your browser history. So you can visit a patient page and hit "back" on your browser and it will take you back to the exact same calendar period you were on before.

If you are used and prefer the old behaviour, don't worry! The "Appointments" link on the menu will continue to send you to Today's period on the calendar and the "Today" button inside the calendar, as well as the "T" hotkey, are still there. 

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