Email account statement to patient's "Email invoice to" address

We've just added the ability to email an account statement to the email address you enter in the patient's record as "Email invoice to". The new button to do this is located at the top right of the account statement page. It's labeled "Email to other" and is next to the "Email to patient" button.



Let us know if you have any feedback!

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    Joan Marsden

    it is useful to be able to email to a different address, thanks.  I find it is very tedious to choose the date range the way you have it set up.  I am often printing statements that don't fit into "this month" or "last month", but are in fact for just a week or 2.  Using the "choose date range" involves a lot of clicking - could we just have it pop up a calendar so we could click on the start day and end day quickly?

    Love the good work you are doing,


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